Water Filters for Ice

Cuber ProductionModelReplacement CartridgeMicron rating
Low Flow Cubers to 750 lbsICE120-SHF20-S0.5 micron (cyst reduction)
High Flow Cubers to 200 lbsICE125-SHF25-S1.0 micron (non-cyst )
Commercial Flakers to 1,200 lbs   
Low Flow Cubers to 1,000 lbsICE140-SHF40-S0.2 micron (cyst reduction)
High Flow Cubers to 600 lbsICE145-SHF45-S3.0 micron (non-cyst)
Commercial Flakers to 1,800 lbs   
Low Flow Cubers to 1,450 lbsICE160-SHF60-S0.2 micron (cyst reduction)
High Flow Cubers to 1,000 lbsICE165-SHF65-S3.0 micron (non-cyst)
Commercial Flakers to 2,400 lbs   
Low Flow Cubers > 1,450 lbsICE190-SHF90-S0.2 micron (cyst reduction)
High Flow Cubers > 1,000 lbsICE195-SHF95-S3.0 micron (non-cyst)
Commercial Flakers over 2,400 lbs   

Water Filters for Cold Beverage

CarbonatorModelReplacement CartridgeMicron rating
SingleBEV140HF40 0.2 micron (cyst reduction)
 BEV145HF453.0 micron (non-cyst)
DoubleBEV160HF60 0.2 micron (cyst reduction)
 BEV165HF653.0 micron (non-cyst)
TripleBEV190HF90 0.2 micron (cyst reduction)
 BEV195HF953.0 micron (non-cyst)

Water Filters for Coffee/Hot Tea

Brewer VolumeModelReplacement CartridgeMicron rating
3,000 Pots (1/2 gal)BREW105-MSHF05-MS1.0 micron (non-cyst )
7,000 Pots (1/2 gal)BREW110-MSHF10-MS0.5 micron (cyst reduction)
 BREW115-MSHF15-MS5.0 micron (non-cyst)
18,000 Pots (1/2 gal)BREW120-MSHF20-MS0.5 micron (cyst reduction)
 BREW125-MSHF25-MS1.0 micron (non-cyst)
28,000 Pots (1/2 gal)BREW130-MSHF30-MS0.5 micron (cyst reduction)
 BREW135-MSHF35-MS1.0 micron (non-cyst)

Water Filters for Espresso

SofteningModelReplacement Cartridge 
700 grainsES114-TPS114 
1,100 grainsESP124-TPS124 
Hardness ReductionModelReplacement Cartridge 
422.6 gal @10.5 gpg hardnessSGP124BN-TP-124BN 
719 gal @9.0 gpg hardnessSGP165BN-TP-165BN 
1,200 gal @9.0 gpg hardnessSGP195BN-TP-195BN 

Water Filters for Steamers/Combi Ovens/Scale Reduction

Scale InhibitionModelReplacement Cartridge 
Manifold SystemSF165HF65 and HF8-S 

Water Filters for Multi-Equipment Combination Applications

Applicable TechnologyModelReplacement Cartridge 
5 GPM Service FlowDP190DP190 Cartpack 
Dual Port System   
10 GPM Service FlowDP290DP290 Cartpack 
Dual Port System   
15 GPM Service FlowDP390DP390 Cartpack 
Dual Port System